Cerita File Ekstensi MDI

A filename extension is a suffix to file name of the computer file applied to encoding conventions (file format) from the contents. In some operating systems (such as UNIX) is an optional, while in some others (such as Windows) is required. In other hand, some operating systems limit the length of the extension (such as DOS and OS / 2, the three characters) while others (like UNIX) is not. In other case, some operating systems (for example, RISC OS) do not use thefile extension.

Sometime you will find some error about File Extension mdi, File Extension jad, or File Extension TORRENT, if you looking for a help to fix your problem file extension. I have resources to the most comprehensive file extensions that is available on the file formats, and I hope that you find useful as I do.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the supports team at support@computerfileextensions.com.

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