Life Alert for Home Safety

Having an elder in our house may need us to be more careful and aware of their health and safety. If this case is happened where you can not be by your elder side while he/she is suffering from the old disease which make he/she moves freely, you must not hesitate to put a panic button near her/him.

But, in such situation where the elder seems too hard to push the button, you must choose the one which can give the fall detection without he/she needs to push anything on their body. BrickHouse Security has prepared the automatic life alert for your elder. This life alert system is designed with the PERS system for complete protection for twenty four hours. No matter where and when, the alarm will tell you immediately if the elder need your help. This life alert system is really suitable for you who has a lot of activities so that you can stay by your elder all the time as well as for the senior who want to live independently.

Visit for more information and the detail of the product. Now, with the automatic fall detector for your elder, you can do your other activities comfortably and more at ease.


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